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What is economic sharing?

Humanity urgently needs to move beyond the restrictive ideologies of the past and embrace solutions that meet the common needs of people in all nations. As outlined in the sections below, this will be impossible to achieve without some degree of economic sharing on local, national and global levels. In an increasingly unequal and unsustainable world in which all governments need to drastically re-order their priorities, a call for economic sharing embodies the need for justice, human rights and sound environmental stewardship to guide policymaking at all levels of society.

Sharing locally and nationally

Economic sharing has long been central to human civilisation by strengthening the social fabric of societies, improving levels of well-being and promoting social equity. The critical question today is whether we choose to support and scale up national and local systems of sharing, or whether we allow them to be further undermined by those who are ideologically opposed to putting sharing at the centre of policymaking.

Global economic sharing

We live in a globalised world where the crises we face, from wealth disparities to climate change and resource wars, affect all nations to a greater or lesser extent. Given this reality and the enormous discrepancies that exist in levels of affluence between rich and poor nations, any process of economic sharing cannot be limited to a solely national context and must be actively applied on a planetary scale.