Report: Reducing inequality: what is your country doing to tackle the gap between rich and poor?

Over the past 30 years, the gap between the rich and everyone else has worsened in many countries across the world. Since 2001, the poorest half of the population have received just 1% of the total increase in global wealth, while the richest 1% have received 50%.

Report: Systemic alternatives: A book compilation edited by Pabo Solón

We are experiencing a systemic crisis. The environmental, economic, social and political crises are part of an interrelated and interdependent whole. It is impossible to solve one of these crises without addressing the others. Complementarities between Vivir Bien, degrowth, the commons, deglobalisation and other proposals are fundamental to advance in the process of constructing systemic alternatives. A book compilation edited by Pabo Solón and published by Fundación Solón, Attac France and Focus on the Global South.