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27 September 2016

Read a selected archive of STWR editorials that highlight the growing debate on sharing, with a round-up of sharing-related news, articles, reports and other activities from our past newsletters. To receive our monthly newsletters by email, sign up on the homepage. 

Reclaiming the UN's radical vision of global economic justice

Let’s unite and demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas

It’s time to reawaken the spirit of Occupy for the starving millions

Initiating a Global Citizens Movement for the Great Transition

The path to achieving a truly universal basic income 

The case for sharing and hope in 2017

Home truths about the climate emergency

The struggle continues for a binding treaty to #StopCorporateAbuse

Standing in solidarity for a humanity without borders

The call for sharing as #OneHumanity

STWR’s verdict on the Paris Agreement

New visions of global solidarity

The renewed debates on sharing, inequality and the limits to growth

World Social Justice Day

Letting “peace and love flow” for a world in crisis

After the Paris attacks: affirming our common humanity through a global call for sharing

Growing calls for sharing and justice

Glimmers of hope for a ‘fair shares society’

New beginnings in the age of sharing

The people’s responsibility to stand in solidarity with the poor

The emerging debate on global sharing

A new era of global protest

Raise your voice for global sharing

Demanding an end to world hunger

The silent humanitarian crisis beyond East Africa

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