We are a campaign organisation that writes reports, articles and blogs that advocate for economic sharing to be applied as a solution to the world’s interconnected crises.

Our research and perspectives are published on our website, and widely communicated through our various networks. We often present our work at conferences, civil society events and other fora in order to generate support for STWR's activities and proposals.

Alongside campaigners and progressive organisations across the world, our goal is to mobilise a diverse movement of global citizens who agree on the urgent need to reform the global economy so that wealth, power and resources are more equally shared, both within and between countries. 

Through our ‘global call for sharing’ campaign, we hope to catalyse a broader public debate on the need to strengthen and scale up diverse forms of economic sharing at all levels of society. For more information about this campaign, please read the report Sharing as our common cause or visit the campaign page and sign-on statement.