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News: STWR book now available: ‘Heralding Article 25’, by Mohammed Mesbahi

Share The World’s Resources (STWR) have published a book version of the ground-breaking text by Mohammed Mesbahi, which proposes a ‘people’s strategy for world transformation’ based on a massive mobilisation of civil society to end hunger and life-threatening poverty as an overriding international priority.

Reports: The intersection of politics and spirituality in addressing the climate crisis: An interview with Mohammed Mesbahi

The following interview with STWR’s founder, Mohammed Mesbahi, examines both the contemporary political and profounder spiritual implications of sharing the world’s resources in relation to the escalating climate emergency.

Blog: No recognition of ‘One Humanity’ at the World Humanitarian Forum

In light of the overwhelming moral imperative to share planetary resources more equitably and protect the lives of those facing humanitarian emergencies, the World Humanitarian Summit is yet another reminder of the huge gulf between government priorities and the desperate reality of the world situation.