After the Paris attacks: affirming our common humanity through a global call for sharing

#GlobalGoals? The truth about poverty and how to address it

Beyond the SDGs: uncovering the truth about global poverty and demanding the universal realisation of Article 25

Heralding Article 25: A strategy for world transformation

New STWR publication released: Mohammed Mesbahi outlines a visionary ‘strategy for world transformation’

Where's the missing part, Naomi Klein? Ask Pope Francis and Mohammed Mesbahi


Sharing as our common cause

STWR’s latest report demonstrates how a call for sharing underpins existing initiatives for social justice, environmental stewardship, true democracy and global peace.
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A primer on global economic sharing

This introductory report by STWR outlines an alternative approach to managing the world’s resources based on international cooperation and the principle of sharing.
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Studies on the principle of sharing

A series of studies by STWR’s founder Mohammed Mesbahi examining the principle of sharing from political, social and spiritual perspectives.
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Financing the global sharing economy

How governments could mobilise $2.8tn to prevent life-threatening deprivation, reverse austerity measures and mitigate the human impacts of climate change.
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The sharing economy

A collection of STWR's articles and blogs examining the purpose, significance and future direction of the sharing economy movement.


Sharing the world’s resources – an introduction

A sustainable global economy fit for the 21st century must be based on a new ethical framework that reflects and supports humanity’s interdependence. 
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