Commercialisation: the antithesis of sharing

Equity + sustainability = sharing globally

Viva la #SharingSpring!

The radical implications of ‘internationalising our minds’

The sharing economy: a short introduction to its political evolution

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When will ordinary people rise up?

Is the growing power of the people's voice sufficient to challenge the immense forces that stand in the way of creating a just and sustainable world? 
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A dialogue on sharing food

If we think about the necessity of sharing food globally, then the idea of sharing to end hunger holds within itself the true meaning of revolution. 
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In the 'megaslums'

The enduring poverty in the infamous 'megaslum' called Kibera is intimately related to an unjust economic system that connects our different worlds. 
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Sharing: an introduction

A sustainable global economy fit for the 21st Century must be based on a new ethical framework that reflects and supports humanity’s interdependence.